Kanal has historically organised and hosted a great variety of projects and events, and in and of itself, it is a project about autonomy and empowerment. This is the goal of the residency living project, beyond simply offering affordable housing. With everything we do, we seek to help ourselves and each other push the boundaries of the normative, of what is expected of us, and uplift one another to achieve our personal and communal goals in sustainable ways.

Currently, we have two regularly running projects, taking place our fully furnished workshop project spaces; The Bike Workshop, and the Holz Werkstatt (wood crafting workshop), which are open to the public every second Sunday of the month during the warmer months, and on an as-needed basis throughout the year for members of the QTIBIPoC* community here in Berlin.

Many other projects are cooking up here in Kanal, including regular Queer, Inter and Trans meetings, the reopening of our beautiful Garden, Film Nights, Community Kitchen, and more! Our project meetings are every last Sunday of the month. If you’re interested in participating, don’t hesitate to contact us!

*By this we mean community members who are: Queer, Trans, Intersex, Black, Indigenous and/or other People of Color, or any other intersectionally marginalised queer individuals who identify themselves outside of this terminologies.