Music Project/Band Rehearsal Space

What is the Music Project?

The Music Project of Kanal is a space where we collectively share knowledge about music and playing instruments through continuous workshops. It is a place where we want to question the capitalist concept of talent and the assumption that you need a special type of knowledge to be able to play music. This is not true, everyone can play music and we want to create a free dialogue between different voices to create music that is empowering for the community. We build the space together! Building melodies that reflect our lives collectively, without the resources of the white music industry that feeds on stealing and appropriating the music of non white people.

The Band Rehearsal Space of Kanal is a paralel project to the Music Project where we want to motivate BPOC/FLTI* to create their own bands and music projects as tools to express their existance and goals.

Why at Kanal?

Kanal is a non commercial space, and as such the Music Project is a non commercial project. There are two main goals: first is to empower people. People who don’t have the privilege or the access to „music knowledge“ and instruments. Second is to strenghten the community by erasing the concept of individualistic expression to produce collective expression. Kanal as a space that gives us the possibility to empower ourselves with music!

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