***hello in 2014 from your local queer waggonplatz***

*schwarzer kanal is a radical queer waggonplace, part cultural project and part living project. Roughly 20 different people from different countries live together with the idea of creating a politically queer space and hosting different events and groups on that place. Beside queering sexualities and sexual expressions we share ideas about more solidarity and no nations – more crossings and no borders – more free (play)grounds and no bosses, classes and ages…and a broad critic of capitalism.

*All is outside, under the sky and in movable waggons, all is uncommercial, d.i.y. (do it yourself) and changing from season to season. We made very different events and concerts here and are open for new stuff following the rough outlines above. …a reading, a concert, a building site, a workshop, groupmeetings…

*In 2014 we plan a season- opening in late spring, there will be a regular vokü (vegan open kitchen), concerts, ‘bike aid’ the bicycle workshop for refugees (check bikeaidberlin.blogsport.de) …and the entzaubert team is organizing the 7th entzaubert festival on 3. – 6. july 2014! (check entzaubert.blogsport.de) After a one year break we are very happy to welcome them back

*schwarzer kanal is the people involved in. we are always looking for new groups and people to share ideas and place. u want to know more about the place? maybe participate or bring new ideas to realize? Our contact is: schwarzerkanal [at] squat [dot] net

we have regular open project meetings, where we speak about the project plannings, the project space and all project decisions – ask for them!

*we are currently looking for people or groups who wanna hold or organize workshops in 2014. There is a bike workshop on the place and we have tools to build with wood and metal – and plenty of space!! the workshops need to be on donation basis and in a queer atmosphere.