Media Awareness & Empowerment Space

Let’s address the media’s racist representation of us

& produce our own media!

People affected by discriminative structures are not controlling the media. Media reports

about them are full of misunderstandings and stereotypes. They express an ethnocentric

views and nurture racism . For example, socalled

refugees” are depicted – in words and

especially in images – as criminals or victims or heroes or as being all the same.

Problematic “leader” images are created etc. These media reports harm us. They benefit

those who are reporting about us to develop their career as an academic, filmmaker,

journalist, NGO… Here is what we want to do about this:

KANAL’s Media Awareness & Empowerment Space offers…

● … writing, filming & photography tools for people who have no access to them.

The aim is that they produce media from their own perspective.

● … support to selforganized

groups of people affected by discriminative

structures & fighting against them. For example, we offer to film their actions.

● … workshops & counselling for left groups, “welcoming initiatives” and

mainstream media to raise awareness about racist representations of us.

Our space is located in the Radical Queer Wagenburg KANAL e.V.

KANAL is a queer selforganized

space of black people, people of color, migrants and

rrom_nja. It is political and living space connected to other political projects.

+++ We are calling for persons affected by racist media representation who have access to

media tools and knowledge to join our space! +++




Address: Kiefholzstraße 74, 12057 Berlin