***Pizza, Info, Fire, NETWORKING***


When: sunday 28.02, 2:00 pm on
Wo: Radical queer wagenplatz KANAL (kiefholzstrasee 74)

as most of you know by now, We are under acute threat of eviction. this is
not only a fight about our home but also a fight for a self-determined
political queer space which is majority Refugees, Migrants, Black people,
Rrom_nja and people of Color who are living together based on the
uncompromising fight against any kind of state power such as racism,
classism, sexism, inter*trans* and homo discrimination.
Connecting to that we invite you to come over to network, strategize, get
Updates about our situation and general politics, develop ideas and
organize next steps.
all above plus PIZZA and FIRE!
We wanna start with pizza around 2pm and continue with meeting around 4-5 pm.

Against concentration camps!
Against displacement!
Against deportation!
Defend self-determined living spaces!

Radical Queer wagenplatz KANAL

(this is not a public event. so please spread the word in your trusted
circles and invite your friends.)

+++ KANAL is not a place to deal with any kind of cultural appropriation.
So Zero Tolerance with rascism, Sexism, Inter/Trans*/homo discrimination
and other bullshit.+++