Rebeca LANE – info event, Concert, Party at radical queer wagenplatz KANAL


The Artivist Rebeca Lane from Guatemala writes, sings and raps about political issues in the country, the never recognized genocide, against sexism and colonialism. we want to start with a talk about the political situation and Hip Hop in Guatemala, they would tell us about the actual political situation in Guatemala and how they is resisting with their music. After that will be a concert from *Rebeca Lane*. Let’s listen and dance to poetic, feminist Hip Hop music, with great beats and some reggae- and cumbia influences…
After the concert we still want to party together to the music of some awsome Dj*anes.

21:00 –> talk about the political situation and Hip Hop in Guatemala

13316798_10153574781742401_6468061484932619549_o22:30-23:30 –> Concert of ***Rebeca Lane***

23:30-04:00 –> DJ_anes*:
* Moona Moon (Hip Hop, Sh3bi)
* Ford Kelly (Afrobreats, Hip Hop, Dancehall)
*Indigo Rayne (Afrodisiac beats)





>>> KANAL is not a place to deal with any kind of Cultural Appropriation. so NO tolerance with racism, sexism, Inter*/trans*/Homo-Discrimination and other bullshit. check your class privilege<<<
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Krudas Cubensi – Concert at Kanal


when: 04.06.2016, open door 9pm
where: kiefholzstrasse 74, 12057 berlin – wagenplatz Kanal

Krudas Cubensi is coming to berlin! we will have a great concert and after it our Dj_anes will shake you!!!!
check the line up!

Krudas Cubensi also known as Las Krudas, is an activist hip-hop group with black feminist, queer politics. Odaymara Cuesta and Olivia Prendes are Cuban Hip Hop MCs, Independent Musicians, Poets, Theater Performers, Educators representing Womyn, Immigrants, Queers and People of Color Action as a Central Part of World Change. They choose the art as a weapon to fight against oppression, for justice, for balance, for our rights, to celebrate the life. They both born & raised in Cuba and began in the Artivism early in their lives.
The group puts social issues at the heart of all lyrics and performances, speaking of feminism, patriarchy and machismo, racism, homophobia and lesbophobia, classism, agism, etc.The duo of poets produces what they call “conscious music,” seeking to promote and defend the experiences of “womyn, immigrants, queers and people of color.”

21:00 –> Open Door

22:00-23:00 –> ***Krudas Cubensi***

23:00-03:00 –> DJ_anes*:
Dj Grace Kelly ( worlwide dancefloor )
Djanes* SENSACION: Thais Jibajaa & Laia Ribera (kumbia, salsa, Reggaeton)



>>> KANAL is not a place to deal with any kind of Cultural Appropriation. so NO tolerance with racism, sexism, Inter*/trans*/Homo-Discrimination and other bullshit. check your class privilage<<<
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Call out Orga meeting Multidisciplinary Festival August 2016


deutsch unten


Radical Queer Wagenplatz Kanal and International Women* Space are two self-organized FLT*I* groups that organize a multi-disciplinary festival in August 2016 and need you and your ideas. These two BPoC dominant groups are focusing on political empowerment and
self-organization of FLT*I * and FLT*I*-non-Citizen, who are affected by racism, classism, state nationalism, sexism and homo-, trans*-, inter*-discriminations. We are trying to create a network that builds radical politics in all aspects against the concept of states, patriarchy, capital and normativity.

Our multidisciplinary festival is supposed to be a platform, in which marginalized and radical-political art should find an uncompromisable access to an ignorant society. In addition, the Festival is a place where FLT*I* BPoC get to know each other, connect and make it possible to organize political resistance together.

We want to build an organizing team in which mainly FLT*I* BPoC are addressed, who are affected by one or more above mentioned discriminations, together with the Radical Queer Wagenplatz Kanal and the International women* space. We want to organize a two day festival, with film, theater, performances, spoken-word, workshops and spaces for
networking about the topics above. The festival will open with a demonstration from Oranienplatz, which is a political place that has become a symbol of the resistance through the refugee movement in the last four years, to Radical Queer Wagenplatz Kanal, where the festival will take place.

Here are the already existing orga-groups:
sleeping spaces
content / workshops

If you are interested to come to the first meeting, send us an email to


Aufruf Orga-Treffen Multi disziplinäres Festival August 2016

Radical Queer Wagenplatz Kanal und International Women* Space sind zwei selbstorganisierte FLT*I*-Gruppen, die für August 2016 ein multi-disziplinäres Festival organisieren und euch und eure Ideen dabei haben wollen. Diese zwei BPoC-dominanten Gruppen fokussieren sich auf politisches Empowerment und Selbstorganisierung von FLT*I* und FLT*I*-non-Citizen, die von Rassismus, Klassismus, Staatnationalismus,
Sexismus und Homo-, Trans*-, Inter*-Diskriminierungen betroffen sind. Wir versuchen ein Netzwerk aufzubauen, das eine radikale Politik in allen Hinsichten, insbondere gegen das Konzept von Staaten, Patriachat, Kapital und Normativität aufbaut.

Unser multidisziplinäres Festival stellt eine Platform dar, in der marginalisierte und radikalpolitische Kunst einen kompromislosen Zugang zu einer ignoranten Öffentlichkeit findet. Außerdem soll das Festival ein Ort sein, an dem FLT*I* BPoC sich kennenlernen und vernetzen, um weitere politischen organisierten Widerstand zu ermöglichen.

Wir möchten ein Orga-Team aufbauen in dem vor allem FLT*I* BPoC die von einer oder mehreren, der oben genannten Diskriminierungen betroffen sind, adressiert werden in Begleitung von dem Kanal und dem IWS, um das Festival umzusetzen. Wir stellen uns vor ein zwei-tägiges Festival zu organisieren, in dem Film, Theater, Performance, Spoken-word, Workshops und Raum für Vernetzung zu den oben genannten Themen statt finden. Das Festival beginnt mit einem Marsch vom Oranienplatz, als einen politischen Ort, der in den letzten vier Jahren durch die Refugee-Bewegung zu einem Symbol für den Widerstand geworden ist, zum Radikal Queer Wagenplatz Kanal, wo das Festival statt finden wird.

Hier sind die bisher bestehenden Orga-Gruppen:

Falls ihr Interesse habt zum ersten Treffen zu kommen, schreibt uns doch eine Mail an

Networking/Party ***Shake the Spring*** Kanal stays radical & queer


when: 13th may
where: Radical queer Wagenplatz kanal, kiefholzstrasse 74



Salam everybody
Let’s connect with eachother and dance all night.
We want to shake the spring!
Feel free to invite your friends.

From 6pm:
Info/networking round, intruduction/partizipation of/in the projects at Kanal, eating together
From 9pm: Time to Shake with great DJ_anes*
**DJane SubZee (hot’n’spicy // azaadi beats)
*Masta Sai (Best Berlinistan Garam Masala Sound: dari, 3arabi, kurdî, farsi, hindi, turki,pashto, latin, urdu, dancehall,afro & hip hop dance vibes!)
*MC Xuparina (soul, funk, favela funk)
*DJ Ipek Ipekcioglu (gayhane / female:pressure)
*kos_mic q’andi (hiphop, r’n’b, pop & middle-eastern pop)

Radical Queer wagenplatz Kanal

>>> KANAL is not a place to deal with any kind of Cultural Appropriation. so NO tolerance with racism, sexism, Inter*/trans*/Homo-Discrimination and other bullshit. check your class privilege<<<

-In this link you can read our political statement to know more about our political ideas.:
-And join our mailing list just with sending a email on kanal[at] with subject “list”.

***Pizza, Info, Fire, NETWORKING***



When: sunday 28.02, 2:00 pm on
Wo: Radical queer wagenplatz KANAL (kiefholzstrasee 74)

as most of you know by now, We are under acute threat of eviction. this is
not only a fight about our home but also a fight for a self-determined
political queer space which is majority Refugees, Migrants, Black people,
Rrom_nja and people of Color who are living together based on the
uncompromising fight against any kind of state power such as racism,
classism, sexism, inter*trans* and homo discrimination.
Connecting to that we invite you to come over to network, strategize, get
Updates about our situation and general politics, develop ideas and
organize next steps.
all above plus PIZZA and FIRE!
We wanna start with pizza around 2pm and continue with meeting around 4-5 pm.

Against concentration camps!
Against displacement!
Against deportation!
Defend self-determined living spaces!

Radical Queer wagenplatz KANAL

(this is not a public event. so please spread the word in your trusted
circles and invite your friends.)

+++ KANAL is not a place to deal with any kind of cultural appropriation.
So Zero Tolerance with rascism, Sexism, Inter/Trans*/homo discrimination
and other bullshit.+++

+++Chrismas Tree Burning+++

(Kiefholzstrase 74, 12057 berlin)
Sunday january 24th, 5pm to 11pm

Letś burn the left overs of holiday of kapitalism. If you see any sad Ch-Trees lying around, feel free to bring some fuel to the Fire.
Come and enjoy the evening-night with us and hot drinks, food, music and of course beautifull Fire!

see you there…                chrismas-tree-burning


Radical Queer Wagon place KANAL

+++ KANAL is not a place to deal with any kind of cultural appropriation. So Zero Tolerance with rascism, Sexism, Inter/Trans*/homophobia and other bullshit.+++



Salaam All!

We wanna have a SUPER SOLI PIZZA PARTY Saturday 10.10.15 with Live Music,
fantastic DJ’s,
Cocktails, Fire and YOU!!

We will start at 6 pm, throughout the night, with making the tasty (vegan)
pizza with our new self-made pizza oven.

Live Music will start at 7 pm with Aicha & OldTrees-Gui Newes.

from 8 pm these super DJ_anes are rocking the turntables:
AmIrani (Baazar Sounds)
Moona Moon (HipHop & Arabic Music)
Ford Kelly (Afrobeat, HipHop, Dancehall)
Duo Maravila (Salsa, Kumbia, Reggaeton)

So let’s all save some cool vibes for fuckin winter!!
Feel Free to invite your friends.
Happy to see you!

“Radical Queer Wagonplace KANAL”

*** KANAL is not a place to deal with any kind of cultural appropriation. so NO Tolerance at all with rascism, sexism, homo/trans*/interphobia, and other bullshit.***

26.6 konzert – Cancelled/Abgesagt!


Sorry, the Concert got cancelled.

Leider muss das Konzert entfallen.



Friday the 26.6 starting around 19h there’ll be a concert with Taína Asili and Evan Greer. There’ll also be food, drinks, dancing… Come all! 🙂

Taína Asili is a US born Puerto Rican singer, combining powerful vocals
with energetic fusion of Afro-Latin, reggae, and rock sounds. The eclectic
style offers a sound that spans continents, with heartfelt lyrics sung in
multiple languages. Her debut album War Cry was released in 2010, and her
latest album, Fruit of Hope, was just released this year. Music producer
and journalist David Malachowski writes “...the high energy of the band is
simply impossible to ignore. The exotic, incessant rhythms reel you in, and
the stabbing horns, hypnotic bass and Asili's urgent voice draw you
closer.” During Taína Asili 20-year career of creating music for social
change she has toured the country many times, performed in Canada, Mexico,
Puerto Rico and Spain, and has released five albums internationally with
previous bands. Taina Asili has shared the stage with renowned artists such
as Ursula Rucker, Sonia Sanchez, Paula Cole, Pamela Means, Talib Kweli and
The Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars. Taína Asili’s voice exudes strength of
Spirit, filling its listeners with the fervor of freedom and inspiring
audiences to dance to the rhythm of rebellion.

Prominent LGBTQ Festivals performed include: Out/Loud Queer and Trans
Women's Music Festival, Eugene, OR; Capital Pride, Albany NY; Idapalooza,
Nashville, TN. <>

Electronic Press Kit:

Videos: <>

Music: <> <>

Evan Greer is a radical genderqueer singer/songwriter, based in Boston, MA.
Evan writes and performs high-energy acoustic songs that inspire hope,
build community, and incite resistance. Wielding an arsenal of fiercely
radical acoustic songs that vary in style from pop-punk poetry to
foot-stompin’ bluegrass singalongs, Evan has shared stages with artists as
musically diverse as Pete Seeger, Immortal Technique, Tom Morello of Rage
Against the Machine, Boots Riley of The Coup, Billy Bragg, Pamela Means,
Mr. Lif, State Radio, Holly Near, The Mammals, and Chumbawamba.

Prominent LGBTQ Festivals performed include: Boston Dyke March, Boston, MA;
Worcester Pride, Worcester, MA; NYC Trans Pride, NY, NY.
Electronic Press Kit:

FLTI*-Baucamp zur Schaffung von widerständigen queeren Strukturen (SISSI)


Sissi Logo



Im August findet auf dem queeren Wagenplatz Schwarzer Kanal e.V. in Neukölln ein internationales FLTI*-Baucamp, in Kooperation mit über-/regionalen selbstverwalteten Projekten, statt. Neben Workshops geht es um die Erweiterung und Reparatur der Infrastruktur des Vereins (z.B. Projektwagen, Kino-/ Veranstaltungsgebäude, Spielgeräte für Kinder, Traktoranhänger für Demos, mobiler Pizzaofen). Das Selbstbewusstsein der in einem patriarchal dominierten Berufsfeld arbeitenden Handwerker_innen soll durch Austausch untereinander und durch Skill-sharing gestärkt werden.

Die Idee stammt von reisenden Handwerker_Innen, die eine solche Freiwilligenbaustelle erstmalig 2005 organisiert haben.

Ziele des Projekts

kurzfristige Ziele:

Empowerment queerer Handwerker_innen und nicht-patriarchale Berufsbildung durch Austausch, Workshops (Maschinenkunde) und Skill-sharing

mittelfristige Ziele:

Erweiterung & Reparatur diverser Infrastruktur zur Aufrechterhaltung der Ziele des Schwarzer Kanal e.V.

langfristige Ziele:

Schaffung von Freiräumen für subversive Praktiken bzgl. Intersektionalität in queeren und anderen Strukturen der Gesellschaft; Kampf gegen Diskriminierungen (z.B. Sexismus, Rassismus, Transphobie)

Für finanzielle Unterstutzung danken wir:

Big thanks for financial support go to:

Skärmavbild 2015-08-24 kl. 22.39.56

Stiftung Pfefferwerk Berlin

Skärmavbild 2015-08-24 kl. 22.30.34

Netzwerk Selbsthilfe e.V.




Project idea

In August there’ll be an FLTI*-building camp on the queer wagon place Schwarzer Kanal e.V. in Neukölln, in cooperation with different selforganized projects from different places. Apart from workshops the goal is to widen and repair the association’s infrastructure (for example project wagon, cinema / event structure, playthings for children, tractor trailor for demos, mobile pizza oven). Through exchange with eachother and through skill-sharing, the craftspeople working in a patriarchal dominated field will make their self-confidence stronger.

The idea comes from travelling craftspeople who organized the first voluntary building site in 2005.

Goal of the project

Short-term goals

Empowerment of queer craftspeople and anti-patriarchal training through exchange, workshops (machine-engineering) and skill-sharing

Middle-term goals

A widening and reperation of the infrastructures that will help maintaining the goals of Schwarzer Kanal association

Long-term goals

Creating free rooms for subversive practices concerning intersectionality in queer- and other structures of society; fighting against discriminations (for instance sexism, racism, transphobia)




this sunday 14.6 we’ll make lovely vegan pizza in stone-oven at s.k.
they’ll be super yummy!
there’ll also be music, fire, drinks.
the first pizzas will be ready around 4pm.
if you want to help out preparing you’re welcome to come earlier.
all money goes to a friend’s legal expences.
hope to see you all!